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On July 31, 2011 and on May 18, 2013, one of the devil’s ugliest workers tried to take me out PHYSICALLY. The devil couldn’t rise to the occasion, the devil still LOST.

It seems like on the days that I have had the most trying times, it seems like those days are the most triumphant, years down the line.

May 18, 2020 was quite a journey, it began with a Magnolia Manor of Greenville Subscribed Witness signing due to COVID-19.

Then, shortly after this signing, my Daughter Lelya assisted me for the first time EVER as a witness party to one of my signings in Liberty, South Carolina (assignment handed to us by Horton & Horton Law Firm off of Vardry Street, Downtown Greenville).

Not too soon after this signing, I was being summoned to Liberty, South Carolina, then a repeat requesting company sought work in 29607 Greenville for a continued signing situation. This signing was completed in the process of shipping documents from the previous day’s Seneca, South Carolina signing.

>>Enter taking this same Daughter to work<<

The work was NOT over yet, however. An assignment I was expecting to complete later in the evening crept into the picture. I was at one of my top spots signing a Marriage Oath for an upcoming couple marrying when I received the phone call that the documents were in.

Documents printed (twice) and off to Simpsonville, South Carolina.

Back to Greenville, documents scanned, put in their rightful FedEx envelope to be shipped off.

But was I done yet? No… not 1 couple, not 2 couples, but 3 couples reached out to me about either getting married, changing dates or asking for more information on the process.

All in all, EVERYONE that I came in contact with work-wise was served.

See, when you focus on the bad things that have happened in your past, you cannot see the present NOR the future. Case in Point?

Forward Progression. Forward Progression.

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