There Are Times When A Notary Has to Write Letters Like These…

May 16, 2015

To (Unnamed North Carolina Agency),

I am the notary that sat before both (name protected for security purposes) and (name protected for security purposes) on Thursday, May 7, 2015 for a South Carolina Bill of Sale identity verification. As a notary public, I am here to act in the capacity ONLY to verify the identity of the persons appearing before me. Due to there not being any type of notarial language on the South Carolina Bill of Sale, an Individual Acknowledgment was completed, which attached, IS 100% LEGAL and is protocol for notaries to complete when a document is void of the notarial language desired. It cost your North Carolina resident time and money to travel back to South Carolina to have the actual piece of paper signed and stamped, in which I have already verified the identity of the signers, who both, may I add, appeared before me on that date of May 7, 2015.

(Name of buyer) stated that multiple members of personnel from your agency called to ensure the process was correct, but unfortunately, they did not know the law in regard to notarization and acknowledgments that may be completed to verify identity. Please refer to, specifically pages 5 and 6 in regard to that law.

Thank you for your time,


Sonita M. Leak of

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