What Do You Do When the Mobile Notary Needs a Mobile Notary?

So that is a valid question that arises from time to time…  Can a notary public notarize their own signature?  Not ever, for any reason, can a notary public EVER notarize their own signature.  Relatives’ signatures are off the market for most documents, however, there are some transactions where a family member may be able to notarize the signature of a relative, but there are VERY FEW.  Just to keep the status quo and prevent a conflict of interest, it is best that the notary stick to people that are unrelated.  But don’t take this as legal advice in any way, shape or form.  Always seek legal advice from an attorney when you have questions to whether a transaction will be legal or illegal.  Don’t risk it!

Lois Whiteside answered the call for the notary service.  Although she was 30 minutes away from my location, she answered the Facebook request and was “on it”! Thank you so much, Notary Public Whiteside for answering my need for a mobile notary.  You are greatly appreciated.

~ Sonita


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