With a New Day Comes a New Notary Experience – Jordanian Resident Document

Not that showing a form of identification from a country outside the U.S. is what stumped Sonita Leak, Owner of GreenvilleNotary.com, the fact that the Secretary of State’s office DOES in fact permit us to stamp a document written in another language, for as long as the notarial language is in English, did. We are only, in fact, verifying the identity of the signer.  The situation on yesterday, August 18 and today was tricky because if you do not know what a document in a different language actually says, you shouldn’t be affixing notarial language, signing, stamping, or ANYTHING.  In this instance, the signer had done his homework and had a translation all ready for us.  The English language was affixed to the Arabic version of what was said and put all on one (1) document for notarization however, neither the Jordan Consulate nor the Secretary of State’s office would accept a document with the English translation in one.

The signer traveled to Columbia, SC with the document ready for an Apostille Certification and was refused. We came back to the drawing board on today, August 19th. Although, the English translation is necessary to submit the paperwork, it SHOULD NOT be on the original document.

All of this is a bit confusing and it took a whole two days for us to figure it out!

Notarial language affixed, identification verified, stamped and sealed by Certified Notary Public Signing Agent Sonita M. Leak.

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