“You’ve Been Served!” A Day in the Life of a One-Time Process Server

In July of 2015, I completed GreenvilleNotary.com’s first ever Process Service and it felt, well, it, it, felt kinda gooood. 😉  No guns, no bumps, no bruises and no getting chased.  Walked right up to an alleged cheater’s door, knocked, handed the appropriate subject the paperwork and said, “You’ve been served.”  No expletives were blurted, no follow-up needed.  Knocked out our first, and as of this date, our last ‘Process Service’ assignment. DONE!

So this is how it all went down…

I walked up to the house and the gentleman I was to serve was sleeping. I arrived in a very Summery dress (no way did I look like I was going to serve him anything). I lightly tapped on the door, he was right there on the couch sleeping. It could not have been easier. He came to the door and he had no clue what hit him! I pulled the paperwork out of the bag on my shoulder from behind, handed the piece of paper to him and said “You are served!” Made me feel a little like Byron on “All Worked Up!”

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